Feurious Social

New website finally online, let me know what you think about it 😉 https://timkrief.com/

Hey it looks pretty good on mobile, well done! Gotta say though that the background is pretty pixellated

@timkrief It's slow on my machine, but looks very cool!

@timkrief i can't open your projects with mmb, thats annoying.

@timkrief :O
So good so nice such quality 🙌👏

@timkrief it looks really nice. 👍 I like that the social media buttons aren't in a straight grid or list but kind of positioned like they are pinned on a pin board.

@gmate8 Ahah thanks, I'm glad you like it :)

@hbenjamin Yep, and it wasn't obvious to make that responsive 😅

@TheFerridge It was made with mobile in mind from the beginning :). What do you mean by pixelated, would you mind to take a screenshot?

@notimetoplay I think it's one of the most intensive personal site I made. (and fortunately I did not use some of the 3D effects I once prototyped 😅 ). I did a lot to optimize it, but there is still one big optimization that I could do but I'm too lazy to tackle it right now. It would be to use only one opened project page and populate it based on the clicked project instead of having one hidden project page for each project.

@timkrief looks good man, nice job 👍

@soundsbeard what's mmb?

@timkrief middle mouse button.
like you open regular links in a new tab in browser.